JW1 Lacrosse Announces Local Youth Town Team Lacrosse Tournament

(Rochester, NY) JW1 Lacrosse and ML8 Events are pleased to announce the introduction of a Sectional Shootout lacrosse tournament for Youth Town Programs. The event will take place on June 3rd and 4th at Calkins Rd Middle School in Pittsford, NY. “One of my favorite memories was competing in Sectionals during High School” said Joe Walters, principal of JW1 Lacrosse, “we are starting what we hope will grow into a major tournament for local youth teams giving them the same feeling of competition."

The event will have limited spots available per age group this first year. “We are taking a walk before you run approach and limiting the number of teams in this first year,” Chelsea Henderson of ML8 Events commented, “we see the possibility of this becoming the major event for youth town teams with the Championship style format”. This past year Henderson started ML8 Events which has already been contracted to run a number of upcoming tournaments along the East Coast with a focus in the Northeast. “The Lacrosse Programs we talk with want to focus on their teams, players and getting their players committed,” she commented, “every week we have another organization reach out in hopes we can oversee their events so they can stick to what they know while ML8 handles all their event logistics”. Henderson estimates that one local weekend event this summer will bring close to 1 million dollars into the area “Our Company is focused on delivering Corporate and Sporting events while also maintaining the community as a priority” Henderson said, “we have Corporate promotional night events on the books as well; clients use the unique event opportunities to build their Brands”. When asked about the Sectional Shootout Henderson also added, “Organizing a tournament for just local teams gives it a strong community feeling. We’ve also heard from parents that enjoy staying close to home given some of the travel they incur each season. We have such talent in this area and this is a great opportunity to showcase that”.

This year JW1 Lacrosse has ramped up their training opportunities while Walter’s focus has been on Team USA and his MLL NY Lizards career. This past January they co-hosted a Showcase event with ML8 Events that saw 25 College Coaches and 200 players attend. “The Showcases are fun and important for the player looking to be recruited,” Walters remarked, while recalling his days prior to enrollment at Maryland, “JW1 Lacrosse however would like to have more of a focus on the younger player and their player development”. In addition to his Boot Camp Training, JW1 is offering a camp this summer. “It will be different than the camps I grew up with,” Walters described, “we’ll have different skill levels as we like to work with players from beginners to the more advanced; we see the greatest growth when their competing against their peers”. Walters added, “We want to have something for every skill level player and have each player leave with tools they can take home to continue to develop their game. I always tell my boot camp players; the best guys are not going home after practice and putting their stuff away. They are the players that go to practice, go to a boot camp session and then are home using what they learned that day to do an extra 30 minutes of reps; it will show on the field".

ML8 Events will be the JW1 camp organizer. The Training Camp is taking place in Pittsford starting June 26th with information at: https://www.ml8events.com/lacrosse-training. For more information on the JW1 Youth Sectional Shootout: https://www.jw1lacrosse.com/sectional-shootout .

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